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Our San Diego, Coachella Valley & Riverside stores are open from 9 AM-9 PM daily, and our Ukiah store is open from 9 AM-10 PM daily. Delivery hours for San Diego, Coachella & Riverside Valley are from 9 AM – 8:30 PM, and for Ukiah, 10 AM to 10 PM.

At Cannabis21+, our age minimum is 21 years old with a current valid government ID (in-state or out-of-state).

We have made this personal choice to help protect young adults in the communities we serve, despite state and local laws that would permit us to serve medical patients over 18. As leaders in the cannabis dispensary industry, we do this because we care for you, our guests, customers, patients, employees, and the community.

The only item you need to bring is a government-issued photo ID that is not expired. This includes driver’s licenses and passports. Please remember, C21+ only sells to adults 21+.

At Cannabis21+, we accept cash and debit cards. For your convenience, we have ATMs in all of our dispensaries.

We have the guaranteed lowest prices of any local licensed cannabis dispensary. But we also have offers going on products every single day, to ensure we are always providing the best product at the best price.

We provide a 10% discount to Veterans, Medical and Senior Citizens every day.

No problem! Anyone over 21 years old with a valid ID is allowed to purchase cannabis products from our dispensaries.

Yes, we do. You can choose delivery on our website or call the dispensary location to get your ordered delivered to your house, apartment, hotel, or Airbnb.

We offer free delivery to any order that meets our minimum price requirement based on location and area code!

All sales are final per state regulation. However, if a vape, battery or other accessory is determined unusable due to a manufacturing defect, the item may be exchanged for the same item with a valid receipt.

Our prices are lower than other cannabis dispensaries and delivery services, as a result of our enormous buying power that our network of stores has with our carefully vetted and curated suppliers. Simply put, we get the lowest prices from them, and we’re committed to passing that savings on to our customers.

We love furry friends, and if your dog is on a leash and under your supervision, they are welcome to come into our dispensary.

As a cash-only business, it’s hard to offer Gift Cards at this moment. However, in the future, as we become better able to offer digital payment options, we are looking to add gift cards to the menu. So be on the lookout for further developments on that front!