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Cannabis 21+

Best Cannabis Dispensaries in California

Cannabis 21+ Cannabis Dispensary is California’s Cannabis Superstore! Why we say that is – wherever you may be in California, chances are you will find one of our cannabis dispensaries not too far away. With multiple delivery and in-store purchase options, you will have access to the best cannabis in California in the shortest possible time – and at the lowest price guarantee! Our prices are lower than any other cannabis dispensary in the state.

Expert budtenders at our cannabis dispensaries in Mission Valley, Hemet, Palm Desert, Sorrento Valley, Ukiah  and Riverside are waiting to assist you when you drop in. If you cannot come over for any reason, please do contact us, and we will get back with a delivery solution.

Shop By Location

Discover Your Green Oasis: Navigate Exclusive Cannabis Offers, and Locally Curated Products at Cannabis 21+ Dispensaries!

Mission Valley

1299 Camino Del Rio S, San Diego, CA, 92108

(619) 906-5546

# C10-0000323-LIC

Sorrento Valley

10150 Sorrento Valley Road #100, San Diego, CA, 92121

(858) 380-4637

# C10-0000634-LIC

Palm Desert

39225 Washington Street, Palm Desert, CA, 92211

(442) 282-4582

# C10-0000944-LIC


26120 Cordoba Dr, Hemet, CA, 92545

(951) 260-0380

# C10-0000943-LIC


 213 W. La Cadena Drive, Riverside, CA 92501

(951) 530-3366

# C10-0000935-LIC


2397 N State Street, Ukiah, CA, 95482

(707) 420-4200

# C10-0000884-LIC

Upcoming Dispensary Locations

With Applications pending and planned for cities and counties throughout California, we hope to open one of our newest recreational dispensaries in a neighborhood near you really soon.

Please also contact us if you’re aware of an opportunity for us to expand. We’re always looking for great locations to serve and contribute to a supportive community.

Lake Elsinore

Fisherman’s Wharf

Santa Rosa

San Francisco SoMa